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Do I Need an Attorney for Oklahoma Child Custody Matters?

Need of an Attorney for Oklahoma Child Custody Matters

In a word, yes. Some people choose to go pro se, preparing and filing their motions and addressing the court themselves. However, this is not the smartest legal move, no matter how much research or knowledge you possess. If you do choose to represent yourself, there are a couple of websites you should consult to ensure you are taking the proper steps with regard to Oklahoma child custody matters:

However, it is still not advisable that you undertake such often-complicated matters on your own, and here is why:

  • The opposing parent gains an advantage if they have an attorney in their corner and you do not. This does not mean they will win custody, but having an attorney affords you advantages you do not want to miss.
  • An attorney can help you to better understand Oklahoma laws, especially as they apply to your specific case. They can help you to prepare valid paperwork and review any documents you have prepared on your own or other documents you plan to present as evidence.
  • The advice of an attorney is critical, as they can help you to understand each step of the process, as well as your legal options.
  • If the outcome of your child custody case is not favorable, your lawyer can help you to reach a more favorable compromise or to appeal or modify the decision.
  • Attorneys have power in the courtroom. This does not mean they are able to bribe their way into a specific outcome or to garner favor over another attorney. It simply means their knowledge, expertise, and reputation can help you to defend your reasoning and justify the reasons the court should take specific action in your custody case. This does not mean the court will give you everything you want, but it does mean the judge will closely consider the arguments and arrive at a decision favorable to either you, both parents, and in the best interest of the child.
  • If your former partner is challenging your custody, or any aspect thereof, you need the assistance and advice of a qualified child custody lawyer who can defend you against all accusations and show cause as to why you are a fit parent. In the case of modifications, your attorney can advise you as to what legally valid arguments the court will consider for modifying child custody and/or child support.

Don’t take the risk of missing important legal information, precedents, and other steps necessary for success or compromise in the courtroom. Hiring an attorney is a far more intelligent move than waling into the courtroom pro se in most cases.